Meet Super Hot Doll: Tina. I recently added her to the website.

As soon as I posted some of her photo’s on Instagram, I received messages from people saying that they want to buy her xD.

She’s a very popular love doll. She went viral on Ryan Davis comedy video.

Ryan Davis is a very funny dude. Be sure to subscribe to his channel.

So what is her story? Well for one.. She loves wearing hoodies ^_^.

Hoodies are cool. Tina is cool. Hoodies are ultra comfortable and cozy. Tina is ultra comfortable and soft. Try hugging her from behind. Very comfortable, very soft :P.

Yep. Hoodies make you feel like you belong to something – an organization, a university, a company – and it can also reflect your personality and beliefs. That’s why I decided to create a Super Hot Doll Hoodie, so that you can feel like you are part of what we represent. What do we represent? Creativity, love for the female form, sensuality, positivity.

Hoodie design.

You can wear the hoodie yourself or you can let Tina wear it because well.. She’s loves wearing them xD.

What more to say about Tina. She loves comedy. She likes to chill. She’s laid back. Never really worried about things. She loves listening to music. She’s into hiphop and a big fan of luxury cars. She’s looking for a companion that she can chill and have fun with. Preferably somebody that loves big butts ;-).

You can buy her here.

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