The story behind Russian Girl

Russian Girl

Her real name is Nika (Ника). 20 years old, 140 centimeters in height, born in Kazan.

Kazan, Russia

Nika is a very sweet girl who loves online gaming. Her favorite game is Adventure Quest 3D, but she also plays Minecraft and Avakin a lot on her mobile phone.

In the gaming universe, her username is Russian Girl. That’s where she got her nickname from. She met most of her friends online and most of them simply call her Russian Girl.

Everybody loves Russian Girl
Russian Girl enjoys chilling and hanging out with friends in Avakin.
She loves taking on new Adventures in Adventure Quest 3D.

Nika has build a great life for herself in Avakin, Minecraft and Adventure Quest 3D, but she is a little bit lonely in the real world. She’s looking for a companion who also loves gaming, but who at the same time is willing to build a great life with her in the real world.

Are you the right guy for her? Are you ready to take on a new adventure?

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