The story behind Mandy

Imagine walking into a beach bar. Your thirsty and you order a drink and before you know it, all of the sudden this hot, tall blonde in purple bikini is sitting next to you.

sexy blonde mandy
Hot, tall blonde.

You ask her if she’s thirsty as well and if you can order a drink for her. She says yes. She tells you that she’s 22 years old. She loves the beach and surfing. She’s friendly and so you are able to have a long and pleasant conversation with her.

You keep ordering her alcoholic drinks and after a while she starts to become drunk, naughty and horny. You ask her if she would like to come with you to your place.

You reached home. She asks if she can take a shower. After she took a shower, she all of the sudden, walks into your living room (butt naked) and leans against the wall. She is showing you her sexy, beautiful body. Saying: Come to me.

nude sex doll mandy
Come get some

What you will do to her now that’s up to you! Get her and continue the story!

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