Every bit as advertised. I got this little beauty. She is worth the money no matter why you purchase. I could fall in love, but lets be real.

Beautiful, ladies. I purchased two dolls. Yetta and Nienke. Very happy to have gotten involved. Totally changed my life. Quality is through the roof. And the skin texture is so realistic. Can only be compared to human skin. Could never have too many hot young ladies. Not to mention their perfect body shape. I truly cannot find the words to say enough good things.
Alyssa is worth searching for, and worth every moment waiting for. The craftsmanship is phenomenal, and you can see the care and work put into making sure she is everything you need. The moment she is sitting there looking at you, you just know that all is well in the world. She is soft and perfectly proportioned, and comforting to the touch! The customer service was excellent, and I couldn’t ask for a better place to return to in the future! The shipping process was quick, and the packaging was superb: not a single thing was out of place. After minimal assembly, Alyssa was there beside me. Thank you so much for Alyssa!