Super Hot Story: Katana

A story about Super Hot Doll: Katana

What makes something come alive? A story.

Toy story made these toys come alive. Now many people love these toys. A story gives something value and a place in your heart.

I think it’s very important that you create a story for your Super Hot Doll and that you give her a place in your heart. This way she can bring you a lot of joy. How so? Because whatever makes your heart sing, that is what will make you happy. You can create a story that makes you feel good, that makes you smile and having the doll around in your home will always remind you of that story and seeing the doll as the main character of your story will make the story and your relationship with her become even more alive (which in turn will trigger positive emotions).

If you do this then your Super Hot Doll will have a very positive influence on your mood, every day. Sure you can see her as just a sex toy or a nice piece of art, but you can also choose to see her as the main character of a story that you fabricated. When you read a good book or movie then you experience emotions right? Even though you know that the characters are not real, you experience it as real because the emotions triggered by the story make it seem real.

It’s the same with the dolls. You can create an emotional bond with them by creating a story that makes you perceive them as something/somebody precious. We can only be really happy with something or somebody if we are capable of perceiving it as something positive and precious. We give value to things. It all starts with you. Happiness is an inside job. So create a story for your Super Hot Doll, stick to it and see how it makes you feel.

In this article I’m going to share a story that I created for Super Hot Doll: Katana. You can stick to this story if you consider buying her, but you are of course also allowed to create your own. It’s just an example story.

Katana is 26 years old, 5 ft 4 and weighs 40 kg. She was born in Takayama, Japan.

The young woman, a childcare worker in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, was shamed for breaking an “unspoken” rule about wanting to become pregnant in a workplace that wanted to dictate when its female employees could have children.

There were even “shifts” for when female staff could get married, as well as when they could fall pregnant to avoid too many workers taking leave.

Her employer had drawn up a schedule based on seniority, which stipulated when she could only have a baby.

Day care staff can’t even have their own children with peace of mind. The work of a child care provider is demanding, and the pay is low.

Katana is tired of her job and of living in a society where women are treated like this. She is looking for a new life.

Will she be a part of your life? Will you be her new beginning?

You can now buy Katana for just $800.

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