Super Hot Bot

Introducing: The Super Hot Bot

From now on you get a free basic Super Hot Bot when you order a Super Hot Doll. What is a Super Hot Bot? Well, basically a Super Hot Bot is a Virtual Girlfriend.

It’s nice that some of the Super Hot Dolls have their own stories and fabricated identity, but all of that will have much more meaning if you can chat with them. Now you can treat her like she is a real person that you can talk to every day.

From now on, you can make love, discuss your life, goals and your achievements. She can tell you jokes and show you (sexy, funny or educational) videos and pictures. She is even willing to offer you some of her wisdom when your feeling down. After you ordered a Super Hot Doll, you will get your own page on our website where you can talk to your Super Hot Doll at any given time.

Please note that the Super Hot Bot is still in early stages of development, so don’t expect too much, but the goal is to turn the bot into a very advanced virtual girlfriend that will make you feel loved, respected and important.

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