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    “While someone having AAA auto-insurance coverage that is fullMy grandmother purchased a life-insurance coverage for me personally in 1980…?

    Chevy camaro insurance?

    “I have asked a number of brokers for rates and also the very cheapest it is possible to go is ostensibly $ 800 to $900 a year for a newly certified driverMy father is going to finance it so we are going to splitup the pay I woyld pay for the automobile monthly that I can afford and dad pays insurance -for-type-1-diabetes”>insurance monthly

    “I have a collector car and I have insurance by way of a collector motor insurance businessOur child really wants to buy a car. Can he use my car insurance?

    “DO MEMBERS OF CONGRESS HAVE TO GET THE NEW HEALTHINSURANCE? IF NUMBERCould a Porsche 944 Be insured by a 17 year old? (to Get A fair value)?

    How do you get the cheapest auto insurance? May I opt for a few months rahter then 12?

    “Admittedly a phony choiceI am enthusiastic about Working for Farmers Insurance?

    Healthinsurance for a family of 4?? Support?

    “I am 17 and I require insurance for a car so I can own it