Love Robots Are The Future

We are currently working on developing a Love Robot. The love robot is still in her early stages.

What is a Love Robot? A Humanoid Intelligent Love Doll with built in sensors and artificial intelligence designed for personal interaction.

What will she be able to do?

  • You will be able to have a real conversation with her. Talk about the weather, makes jokes, basically have a good time.
  • She will be able to learn
  • She will be able to moan (during sex)
  • MP3 player (you can ask her to play songs for you)
  • Animated eyes
  • Lip sync while speaking
  • Adjustable skeleton, she can stand on her own.
  • Internal heating system (37 degrees. She feels like a real human)
  • Automatic remote upgrading system, always becoming more intelligent.

The vision

I want to build a love robot with the intent to bring joy to people and to reduce negative things like sex trafficking, prostitution and extreme feminism.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a regular feminist. Regular Feminists believe that men and women should have equal rights. That’s a good thing.

However, extreme feminism is something completely different.

They don’t want equality, they hate men, consider all of them to be disgusting pigs. They want to make sure men are demoralized in every way possible.


Look at this video. If the roles were reversed and the guys were looking at the girls, it would be called sexual harassment.

I understand that women have become very sensitive when it comes to sexuality because of all the abuse that has happened and that is still happening. I completely support #metoo, but I do not support that decent guys are being punished/insulted when they display fairly innocent behavior (like checking out a girl for a few seconds because she’s very attractive).

Another example of how innocent men get a negative label for no good reason.

  • A guy buys a love doll because he loves photography, adores the female form and enjoys taking erotic pictures of a love doll. He discovers that he also enjoys being sexual with a love doll. He sees his love doll as a luxury sex toy that gives him great pleasure & joy. The doll gives him sexual freedom. He doesn’t need a woman to have his sexual needs met. He is using the doll for all the right reasons and yet he is labeled as loser by women (or even guys) who discover that he owns a love doll.
  • A women uses a vibrator or a dildo and is labeled as independent.

We can only get rid of the negative reputation that men have by making ourselves completely sexually independent. I also really want to get rid of the negative reputation that love dolls have. They are wonderful and can be used for wonderful things. Love robots can be used to make a man sexually independent and less lonely. He doesn’t need to resort to cheating, prostitutes, rape or sexual harassment. If he has a love robot that meets all his needs then he is no longer required to lower himself in order to get sexual satisfaction.

In my opinion resorting to cheating, prostitutes, sexual harassment or even rape will absolutely damage you both emotionally and spiritually. You can try to hide your shame, guilt and deep feelings of self-hatred, but eventually you will have to face all the emotional trauma that you have inflicted upon yourself. You will eventually realize that your mind has become corrupted and that you have become something that you do not like. You can always choose to redeem yourself, but is it really worth to lose your innocence and self-respect in the first place? What are we without feelings of self worth?

We all have a dark side and needs, but we can choose to deal with all that in a constructive way. Men who have strong sexual urges, but who do not want to go down a very dark path can choose to invest in a love doll (and hopefully soon a love robot) who can help them satisfy those urges in a constructive way.

I truly believe that with love robots we can reduce prostitution, sex trafficking, rape and sexual harassment. They can be used to combat loneliness and boredom. They can be used to produce art and to show off beautiful clothing & jewelry.

Robots are the future. I love robots with all my heart. And I will always want to invest in them, so that they in return can serve & empower us humans.

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