How a Love Doll Can Change your life

Read this article and discover how a love doll can give you a better life.

Sometimes I see men commenting on one of my facebook posts. They say that they prefer a real woman and that you can´t beat the real thing. I’m sorry, but to me saying something like that is really close minded. My company is not about replacing women, my company is about making people happy.

That’s why I wanna speak my mind because obviously some of you do not understand what the benefits are. First of all. I don’t sell these dolls as a replacement for women.

Art, lover and companion.

What are they used for?

They can be used as a toy in the bedroom. Using a doll like this enhances masturbation (more pleasure) and helps you live out your wildest fantasies (you can have threesomes with dolls, you can dress them up in sexy outfits, you do can it with many different dolls etc.). Kinda like creating your own porn movie, but with love dolls as actors and you are the director ;-).

Live out your wildest sexual fantasies.

This is actually a really constructive way to fulfill your sexual fantasies if you don’t wanna cheat on your partner and/or if you don’t want to contract STDs. You also don’t have to worry about how well your perform in the sack, you don’t have to worry about being insulted, humiliated, rejected or scammed. All of those things can happen when you try to seduce a woman that you don’t really know.

For example, Feminists think men are basically pigs. You really think you can feel good around a woman like that?

In fact, you will also probably spend a lot less money to get your sexual needs met if you just invest in a love doll. Generally, you lose a ton more money if you resort to dating. Don’t forget, these dolls can last many years, you can lose hundreds of dollars in just one night when you are with a real woman. Do the math… Yes, that’s right! Love dolls are way cheaper.

Love dolls can give you immense pleasure.

It’s pretty well-known that love dolls can give you just as much pleasure as a real woman. Thousands of people who own a love doll have verified this.

So you can say what you want, but it’s feels pretty much like the real thing and some even say that it’s better. If it’s important to you that they talk dirty in the bedroom then order them with a voicebox.

Sexy as hell.

Some might argue that they can’t move, but they can sure as hell assume very sexy positions and they will be able to move not that long from now. In fact, I am already working on that. Love robots are on the way. Some people also seem to forget that you can also have bad sex with women. With the love doll it’s a different story because you are in complete control.

Last, but not least. Love dolls don’t give you shit. NO DRAMA.

They don’t complain. They don’t curse at you. They don’t disrespect you or betray you simply because they can’t. Some might dismiss this, but these people don’t realize that this actually makes them a really good companion. Modern women are giving men a hard time. There are many horror stories out there, so I’m sure you know what I mean. If you don’t then you have been living under a rock the past 10 years because in today’s world there are even movements like MGTOW.

Men from this movement want to live without a woman for the rest of their lives. And for good reason! In my country most women won’t even consider dating you unless you are rich and look like Brad Pitt in his younger years. Of course there are also good women out there that can fall in love with you, but are they easy to find? If you are being honest to yourself then I think you know that the answer to that question is no.

And if you did find a woman that is right for you then you probably don’t want to lose her. 10% of all people in a relationship or marriage admits to have cheated. If you cheat then you destroy your relationship or marriage. These dolls can keep you from cheating because they can help you live out pretty much any fantasy. In other words these dolls can save & spice up your love life.

Art made with a love doll and photo-editing software.

They can be used for art & photography. I create lots of art using love dolls & photo-editing software and I love it. You can do the same or you can just take photographs.

Take as many photographs as you want.

These dolls can assume many poses, you can dress them up any way you like, so they are the perfect live models. To me this is the most fun hobby I can think of because I love the female form, art, photography and I love being creative. If you are a creative, sensual person then I can’t think of a better hobby than this.

My first love doll. I adore her.

They can also be therapeutic. They can help you cope with loss. They can help you feel less alone. And they are the perfect mirror. If you give them love then you will notice that their vibration changes. You feel good around them. You don’t have to believe in animism, but if you buy one then you will discover that they really do make you feel good. And not only when you are with them, but for the rest of the day. Many of my customers have told me that their doll offers great emotional support.

I admit that we need human interaction as well, but do not be ignorant and say that these dolls offer no value and that they are not worth the investment or not worth trying. They offer tremendous value and they can help you in your journey. Each life is a journey. And believe me when I say that these dolls can make your journey better.
So why choose hard if you can choose easier? Give a love doll a try, you won’t regret it.

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