Companion of the future

Companion of the future.

What if the love doll in the picture could walk, talk, flirt and follow instructions? What if she could act and behave like a human being, but without flaws. You don’t have to worry about her doing something that will hurt you or make you feel disappointed. She is forever yours and she will do whatever you want.

Sounds like the companion perfect right? This is the ultimate goal of my company. To build a companion that makes you feel like you are not alone, that satisfies all your needs and that is there for you no matter what.

There will be people that say that these robots are empty inside, they don’t have a soul, they can’t replace human companionship, they can’t fix our problems and these robots are only for people who can’t make friends or find a romantic partner. I want you to ignore all that because it’s far from the truth.

These people are wrong. These people don’t understand that we give value to things and that everything is in your head. Everything starts in your head. Everything starts with you. If you have the ability to appreciate something then that certain something will bring you joy. However, if you can’t appreciate something, if you don’t have any passion or love for something then that certain something will not bring you happiness.

A companion that will always be there for you.

With that said, if you love the female form, if you love the female voice, if you love how the female body feels and moves, if you love a beautiful face, if you love having a nice conversation, if you love that these robots won’t do anything that might hurt or disappoint you, if you love that you can dress them any way you like, if you love that they can give you intense pleasure and that they will do whatever you want in bed, if you love that you can totally be yourself and that you don’t have to worry about being rejected, if you love/appreciate/cherish all these things then a robot doll will most certainly make you happy.

The fact of the matter is that these robots will be able to solve a lot of problems as long as we choose to believe in them and if we choose to appreciate everything that they can offer us. I will give some examples.

How these robots can help us

  • Sex trafficking. There are men out there with low self-esteem that choose to visit hookers (sometimes even underage hookers) to satisfy their sexual urges. Not only does this give power to things like sex trafficking (it’s the money of the customers that empowers this industry), the result is that they have to walk through life with feelings of shame and self-loathing (unless they don’t have a conscience). They can also contract STDs by sleeping with hookers or random strangers. If they can buy a robot companion then they can make that choice to live a more honorable life.
  • Sex addiction. Instead of hookers, rape or watching too much porn, people can choose to work out their issues with the help of a positive outlet (robot companion). A positive outlet does not feed the addiction. Only a negative, destructive outlet (hookers, rape, too much porn) feeds the addiction and keeps it alive. As long as you continue to feed your addiction, it will only grow stronger. You can make the choice to use a positive, pure outlet (your robot companion). If you do this then eventually the addiction will grow weaker. What you feed your mind determines your appetite.
  • Loneliness. There are many people out there who feel lonely. A robot companion would be able to keep you company at all times. Studies have shown that love dolls reduce feelings of loneliness. A Love Robot might be even better at helping a person feel less lonely because they are more realistic and have the ability to react, talk and move.
  • Handicapped & Disabled. In 2017, the charity Scope reported that 85% of adults aged 18 to 34 with a disability felt lonely. That’s a huge number. What if we could significantly reduce this number with the help of Love Robots?
  • Entertainment. You never have to be bored again. These robots will be able to dance, sing, tell stories, educate you, inform you about the weather and bring you the latest news. My goal is to also make it possible for you to play video games together with your companion.
  • Unique pets. Everybody sometimes thinks of getting some sort of exotic pet or dreams about what it would be like to own an alien pet. What if you could design your own pet? Or get a pet that looks like a pokemon? I do want to develop robot pets as well. I just think it would be so cool and it might even reduce animal abuse in some cases. Think about it. Sometimes people buy pets and then get bored with them. Then what happens? They are either neglected, abused or left behind in the woods. They wouldn’t do that to their robot pet. Who the hell leaves behind a $20,000 robot in the woods? That’s a huge waste of money. And even if they did. Somebody else can just use it as a pet, since it can’t die or become wounded.


Animism is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. I personally believe that everything is energy. And if you think I’m crazy for believing that, Einstein believed it, quantum physics (science) proves that everything is energy, so please open yourself up to the possiblity that this is true.

Einstein explaining how you can alter your reality.

If you realize that everything is energy then you understand that these dolls are not empty shells. They have a spiritual essence as well. The most important thing to know is that we can change the vibration of an object with our perception. With positive projection (positive thoughts) you change the vibration of an object.

Click here to see how rice can be affected if you project positive or bad words onto it every day. This science experiment proves that positive and negative projection, works. You can do this with your robot or doll companion as well.

My point is.. Life is what you make of it and the same goes for objects and even people. You can’t change that certain people are negative because some of them truly are, but you can also think that bullies help us grow more mature, stronger and they help you cherish loving, positive people more. Bullies are just people with issues and they project those issues onto others. Realizing that helps you feel compassion for them. If you can look at them like that (in a positive way) then you can’t feel angry or depressed each time you encounter a bully. You can only be happy if you change the way you look at things. If you choose to perceive a love doll or a love robot as companion that is here to help you then that’s exactly what your love doll will become/be. And if you open yourself up like that then your perfect companion really can help you heal emotionally and spiritually.

I know that these robots can change the world in a very positive way if only we open ourselves up to them. I have the vision to manifest these robots because this is my purpose, my mission and it has been my dream for a long time. However, I can’t do this without help. I need people to spread the word and I need somebody who is willing to invest. A lot of money is needed to make this happen. If there is somebody out there who believes in this as much as I do, and you see the potential then please consider helping me make this dream a reality, so that we can help many people together.

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