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Perfect companion

They are cute, they are pretty, they are always there for you. Discover the benefits for yourself.  Adopt a Loli Doll today :).





Many to choose from


Adorable little asian girl.


Only $400 dollars.


If you love cute, little blonde girls then give Heidi a new home!



Some important questions, answered.

 Are Loli Dolls Legal?

Loli dolls are still legal in most US states expect Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. We do not ship to Australia and certain countries in Europe. Please contact us if you are not sure about legality in your country.

What if my doll is seized?

As long as you do not claim the package (you will receive a letter from customs if your package is seized) then nothing will happen. None of our orders were ever seized, but if it does happen then we will send a new doll, free of charge.

How can I hide my doll?

You can buy a sofa storage unit from our website. It looks like a sofa, but you can hide and store your loli doll inside the sofa storage unit. It also comes with a lock. It saves space and prevents friends or family from discovering your loli doll.

Is there any way to avoid customs?

Yes, there is. We have a warehouse in the US. we can first ship your order from China to our warehouse. Then we will ship it from the US warehouse to your address. We can also ship the head and body separately and add fake boobs.

For who is this product?

It's for people who love loli or people who are turned on by cute characters. It's also suitable for pedophiles who do not wish to harm children, but that still need to satisfy their sexual urges somehow. 

Some countries are banning Loli dolls, but refuse to look into the benefits. No research has been done. There is not a single case study that suggests that these Loli dolls will make you want to  abuse real children. In fact, early research suggests that these Loli dolls can actually prevent the abuse of real children. 

Some people might be curious about what it's like to be intimate with a child. Now they can safely discover their sexuality without harming real children. 

We also have customers who don't have sex with their doll and that just like to cuddle with it or treat as a daughter. These dolls hold many emotional benefits. They are therapeutic. They can also be used by people who love art and photography.


Loli dolls are not for me! Do you sell adult dolls as well?


Yes, we do! Just contact us if you are interested in buying an adult one.


Custom-made dolls

Get the doll of your dreams


We can make a custom-made TPE doll for $4000 dolls and a custom-made silicone doll for around $5500 dollars. We will first create a sculpture, then a mold and then we will produce the doll.

We have made several custom-made already. In fact, the anime loli doll that you see on this page is a custom-made doll.

We also made Sarah from The Last Of Us (Game character) and a toddler. Anything is possible! We can create the doll of your dreams :). 

Sarah from The Last of Us

Sarah is very popular in the Loli community. So popular in fact that somebody wanted a doll version of her! The sculpture and mold are already finished and she will be available for sale soon.


We made a toddler. You can already order the TPE version.

Anime doll

Requested by a customer from Denmark. Already available for sale.

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